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How to connect Apache Http proxy to Local Proxy Server

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Hi All,

In one of our Customers Network , ERA Server (Windows2012) has no direct internet connection , They want to connect Apache Http proxy to their local proxy server so Clients will use apache Https proxy.

So How we can configure apache http proxy to use internal proxy from another server to coonect to internet ?


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  • ESET Staff

What you mean is called "Proxy chaining". Seems that configuration for linux is described in documentation - I would recommend to test whether it works in customers environment. Also be aware that there are limitations, for example it is not possible to forward request to proxy requiring authentication.

Also is there any reason why ERA is not configured to use customers proxy directly? There is nothing special with Apache HTTP proxy distributed with ERA, except that it has pre-installed configuration enabling file caching, forwarding TLS connections and limiting all traffic only to ESET-owned networks (security).

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Thank you, MartinK,

Your help was useful , We chain 2 Apache proxy successfully.

In some cases their proxy servers has no caching so we must use apache to increase internet bandwidth. And our problem is main proxy servers that requiring authentication.

is there any way to connect ERA apache to a password protected Proxy servers ?


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