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Messages disappear from Microsoft Office Outlook 2010

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Using Outlook email program from Microsoft Office suite 2010.   The evening of  Oct 20, 2013 all email messages vanished from my inbox.There are no established "rules" that I know of. 


I have three email accounts through comcast.net.  Phenomenon only occurs on one of the three accounts:  the "main" one which is configured to receive all updates from microsoft and eset.  Messages linger for a few hours and then evaporate. 


Via research within Microsoft Outlook forum,  came a suggestion that my anti-virus program could be responsible.

(Apparently McAfee and Norton eat emails from time to time.)  


Problem began while I was using Win 8.0.  Continues to plague my system into Win 8.1.  I "repaired" Outlook 2010.  Nothing I've tried  thus far corrected the problem.


Please help.  Thank you.

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Try checking your profile in Control Panel > Mail > Show Profiles > and at the bottom make sure "Always use this profile" is the selected choice with your correct profile inside, and not one with the default Outlook label.

It sounds like you loaded an incorrect profile which had none of your mail downloaded.

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I am also seeing this in office 2013. However, not sure it if it eset. Using ESET SS7 on a Windows 8.1 Pro PC with 4 accounts / profiles. 2 of the accounts use Outlook.com and 1 of these is not seeing some messages when we know they have been sent as emails are duplicated to another email address.


Not ruling out Outlook.com as the problem but it is a tricky one to troubleshoot.

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