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Multi-Device Security


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Dear Eset users,:):)


My eset smart security is about to expire. In the above link its been mentioned in the product details that it's
a multi device product. I would like to know how many devices in each category (O.S) can be used. I use a laptop and a desktop running windows and an an android phone. Can i use this product in all the three of the devices. I don't use a linux or mac device. And what if i start using an android based tablet ?.

Please let me know..



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The link you provided states that this license is for 1 Device for 1 Year, meaning you can use this license for only one device, which can either be a Windows, macOS or Android device.

Based on what you’re looking for, you would require a license for at least 3 PCs + 3 Mobile Devices. However based on where you live and what ESET can provide locally, this may not be available to you, or it may be different.

I would suggest contacting ESET directly to discuss this further and provide you with the right license. You can usually find the ‘Contact' link at the bottom of the ESET website.

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Upon examining the Amazon link you provided, I'm not sure what they are offering. It says multi device, but I am not sure. planet is right, contact your local ESET Distributor/Agent/Associate and get a good starting point of what is available and what it might cost.

Good luck.


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