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Hitman Pro scheduled scans

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I was doing hitman pro trial version 30 day subscription.I wanted to know will the scheduled scans of hitman pro conflict with eset?Thank you very much.I'm thinking of getting the paid version,second opinion scan.Thanks.

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Hey my friend :-))


Hitman pro is in my opinion one of the best second opinion scanner available. I just use it as a on demand scanner, even though I have bought a 3 year license. (Bought the license to support them, because I had used their free service for so long). Regarding about potential incompatibilities issues with Eset, then I personally think that you will see no issues, but 100 % guarantee does never exist. If I were in your place now, then I would put your money back in the pocket, keep Hitman pro as a ondemand scanner for free. There are other on demand scanners like Emsisoft Emergency Kit wich are great to use and have on a usb.


Regards, Janus

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I am not sure if you would experience any issues or not with Surfright's Hitman Pro software, but I would recommend at least scheduling the scans so they occur at different times just to prevent the amount of disk thrashing caused by having two programs trying access all the files on the disk volume(s) at the same time.


Aryeh Goretsky

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