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Eset Endpoint Antivirus vs Eset Endpoint Security.

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Hi guys

I am currently using Eset Endpoint Antivirus on about 500 stations.

I am considering going from Eset Endpoint Antivirus version to Eset Endpoint Security.

From your experience, what do you think? What does the second offer more? I mean in practice, not the official pdfs, I have read them.

Thank you

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Endpoint Security brings even more security features than Endpoint Antivirus, one of most important to me is Firewall.

We don't have domain so I'm left with securing workstations firewall configuration with ESET Endpoint Security.

Currently we are still on v5 and waiting for v7.


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  • ESET Insiders

One of those irritating things about Endpoint Security is that it will disconnect your network for a few seconds when installing and upgrading to newer versions. This has caused us to stick with Endpoint Antivirus as we can't automatically deploy this to the users without breaking the stuff the user has running.

once it is installed it is running without issues. Also the firewall part were protecting from e.g. WannaCry and NotPatya, before they were even released, so it sure is improving security.

I think I read somewhere that from version 7 it should not disconnect the network anymore duo to a new way of handling the firewall part, maybe someone can confirm that?

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  • ESET Staff

@rekun Since Endpoint 6.6 + (to be released during July), we will no longer use a network particular driver type (NDIS/LWF) on Windows 8+, so it won´t  affect network connectivity. However, for Windows 7, situation will remain without change.

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