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Introducing the ESET Knowledgebase Support Alerts Newsletter

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Hi everyone, in response to requests for more communication about Alerts posted to the ESET Knowledgebase, we have created an opt-in email Newsletter for Knowledgebase Support Alerts.

Alerts are posted to the Knowledgebase for some of the following reasons:

  • Emerging ESET product support issues
  • Broad, public computer security issues that may affect ESET users
  • System maintenance—for example, those that affect downloading or activating ESET products

Use the following URL to subscribe to the ESET Knowledgebase Support Alerts Newsletter:


Below is an example (screenshot of the email) of the last Newsletter that was delivered for the Diskcoder.C/Petya malware:

ESET KB Support Alert screenshot.png

Let us know if you experience any issues with the service or if you have suggestions or comments regarding its use. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

A reminder that we already have opt-in newsletters for our Support News and Customer Advisory channels:



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