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Eset Endpoint Security


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I have deployed Eset Endpoint Security In different PC. And i uses web control and url address management.Under url adress management i have used  List of allowed address. after that when i try to access yahoomail page is loaded like thispost-2067-0-14549500-1382701541_thumb.jpgpost-2067-0-99193200-1382701548_thumb.jpg and id i use in in Load Basic Html its look like 


The pictures and graphics are not  loaded properly.



And i have setting Like this in Eset Endpoint Security

post-2067-0-41903000-1382701708_thumb.jpg this is setting i have usedpost-2067-0-34940000-1382701716_thumb.jpg



I have uploaded configuration file i have used in Eset Endpoint Security


Please help me as soon is possible  :mellow:

Edited by Peter Randziak
Configuration removed, it contained user's username and password.
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Limiting web access to a list of addresses will always result in limited response. You should first use some HTTP "sniffer" or logger to see what pages/servers Yahoo mail app accesses and then allow them all if you want to see normal Yahoo interface.


Otherwise - there will always be *one* address that is mistakenly not allowed and the most desired icon will be exactly on that address :-)




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