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Real-time scanning blocking UEFI partition backup

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I am backup up my machines with Retrospect Backup software. This software is backing up all my Windows machines perfectly, except for two newer machines.

The difference between these newer machines and the older ones is that they are using UEFI boot.

The backup is indicating it is not able to backup the UEFI partition properly.

After some troubleshooting in cooperation with support from Retrospect it turns out that ESET's real-time scanning is somehow blocking the backup agent from accessing the UEFI partition. As soon as I disable real-time scanning during backup the backup works.

Is there a way that I can exclude the backup agent from being blocked by real-time scanning? The backup agent is a service running on the client machines.


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Hello Hsd,

hmm that is strange.

We would need a Process monitor log with advanced output enabled capturing events in the system during the failed backup attempt and output from ESET log collector to check.

Is the SW also logging exact time of backup start and termination? 

In case you are able to get them, you can send me a private message with a reference to this topic.

Regards, P.R.

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