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Problem with "Device Control is non Functional"


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I just upgraded my motherboard last week, it has a UEFI BIOS and windows 10 is installed in UEFI mode. The new board treats all 10 drives as removable.

The board is the EVGA Z270 Classified K

For about a week everything was fine, then I started getting this error off an on and now it is constant:


Any ideas?

thanks for any help


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Please contact your local Customer care for assistance. Create a Process Monitor boot log and collect logs with ELC as per the instructions in my signature, upload them to a safe location and provide them to customer care. Also drop me a pm with download links so that I can check the logs myself.

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 Will do, thanks Marcos.

 Where is a good place to upload? I usually just email stuff or paste it in forums.

thanks man

PS: Today when I got home from work, the error is not there. Last night I couldn't get rid of it, It usually happens on a reboot  and then goes away if I click on restart now, but it seems to be very random.

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Hey again Marcos, it's happening again, seems random but sometimes even after rebooting several times it still happens.


 I did as you suggested and made a log file, I opened a ticket and made a link, check your PM.


thanks for any help Marcos.

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