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Log maintenance blocks all traffic

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As far as I'm aware this issue began within the last month or so. The broadband connection drops out for circa 2 minutes in the early hours of the morning. At first I assumed it was a reconfiguration event at the exchange. When it became apparent that this event was occurring every day at around the same time, during one of the outages I ran a ping test to one of my sites from a smartphone connected to the same broadband router; all pings were successful so no circuit down as far as the router was concerned. While looking around for potential 'culprits' I noticed that the ESET Smart Security Scheduler had Log maintenance set to run daily at 00:10. I disabled that and after that the issue was resolved.

I have just run a confirmation test and re-enabled log maintenance and rescheduled it run in 5 minutes. About 1 minute after the log maintenance was scheduled to start, the broadband connection dropped, at least as perceived from the 'ESET machine, and came back up after about 2 minutes. During this 2 minute period I noted intensive disk access, presumably log maintenance activity.

I would have expected ESET to temporarily cache new log entries while it was running log maintenance. I'm not sure whether it is intentionally blocking all activity during log maintenance or whether it is an indication that it cannot cope with running normal security functions concurrent with log maintenance.

Running ESET Product version: 10.0.390.0      

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To start off, please drop me a pm with the zip archive generated by ELC attached. For instructions how to collect logs with ELC, see the appropriate link in my signature.

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