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Eset Smart Security causes Windows 7 to freeze....

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OK, let me start by saying this doesn't happen on every PC, and strangely the symptoms vary from PC to PC. I have over 100 clients (and 250 PCs) using Eset Smart Security, and most of them have no issue.


But, I have several PCs that have recently started exhibiting strange lockups.


All PCs affected are running Win 7 64 bit.


One PC locked up randomly, maybe after 5 or 10 minutes of use, and would stay locked up for 10 - 15 minutes, and then become responsive sometimes, other times you would have to reboot. This was using ESS6. 


Another PC wouldn't start Windows at all, just a welcome, a spinning circle and then nothing more. ESS4. I repaired Windows after a system restore failed, and it worked for a few days, then back to the same problem. Only one user, so no login screen before the lock up.


The one on my bench now, starts OK, when you get to the login screen (where you select a user), fine, then you select a user, and the PC locks up and goes no further. Ever.  You must restart in safe mode, it boots fine, system restore a day or two, and still fine, now boots OK in normal mode. For about three times or less, and then it locks up again. ESS7.


There are five (maybe six) other PCs I have attended to recently for faults that I think can be attributed to Eset when I look back at the symptoms.


IN ALL CASES, the freezing and lock ups were solved when I uninstalled Eset using the Eset Uninstaller, no more freezing, no more lock ups on start up, I have started the one on my bench 20 times since removing ESS, and NO issues.


In all cases, I have installed a different paid anti-virus (Sophos), and there have been no issues. The first PC has been back for 4 weeks without a problem, the second went back two weeks ago, and I am hoping the one on my bench will continue to keep working like it should.


What is causing these lockups and freezes, any suggestions?????



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I have installed a different paid anti-virus (Sophos)


Question . . . did you download the security suite from Sophos ? Or just the AV software.



In my experience, Security suites cause a grip more compatibility issues then the lesser AV bundles.

I only use Nod32 Antivirus, i don't use Security suite. I fix and repair more issues with security suites, then any other malware products.


If those 100 clients were under my wing, i would not have installed Suites, but the regular Nod32 and let either their routers handle network traffic, or windows firewall. If i had power users or mega downloaders, i would however suggest ESET firewall for them provided they let me set it up so i could evaluate their PC's and other software running, and setup exclusions on anything i felt could cause an issue. Not all users are in that situation, and most of my own personal clients do just fine with Nod32 AV only.


As far as troubleshooting what you are experiencing, you already did that by uninstalling and found the issues gone.

What you have to do from here is make a list of other software running on the machines, find a commonality and isolate the source.

You could also turn on full logging on a few of the ESET machines, and possibly find the root cause. If you check inside event viewer , do you see that ESET's drivers or modules are causing the issue ?


Thanks for posting, hope we can provide some assistance for you......

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  • ESET Moderators



My initial thought is a conflict with another driver or service installed on the computer. 


Without knowing the specifics of what is (or was) installed on the computers, though, I cannot make any specific suggestions.


What you might want to do is contact your local ESET office and open a ticket with them. Be sure to generate a few ESET SysInspector logs from the problematic computers and include those with the report.  They will contain a snapshot of what's running on the computer for the technician, so they can begin researching the problem right away. It might also be helpful to provide an exported copy of the XML configuration file for them to look at as well.




Aryeh Goretsky

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If you are able to reproduce the issue at any time, please configure Windows to generate complete memory dumps as per the instructions here. When a freeze occurs, trigger a manual crash as per the instructions in the KB article. After a computer restart, compress the dump, upload it to a safe location and pm me the download link.

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Thanks for all the input.


Arakasi - I tend to agree with you, I would probably recommend just using A/V rather than a suite, the very broad statement I made about  over 100 clients using Eset Smart Security was incorrect and should have said "over 100 clients using Eset, with probably about 50% using ESS and the other 50% using NOD32". I work with a lot of families, so downloading is very common, and the Eset firewall is better if set up correctly. I must admit, I didn't even think about whether it has been ESS exclusively with the problem, and yes you are right, no NOD32 installed PCs have suffered the same fate. Bit of a pity I need to consider dropping the suite, as I have always had NO trouble with it in the past.


Aryeh - My thought as well, but all different PCs with different software running, the last one seemed to crash because of a conflict with Windows Family Safety, yet no other PCs were running that software. Good advice though, and I will open a ticket with my local guys.


Marcos - Thanks, I have another PC exhibiting the same slow, or freezing start-up reported to me this morning, yes they have Eset installed, not sure whether it is NOD32 or ESS till I look it up, but I will bet it is ESS. So I should be able to reproduce the issue tonight or tomorrow, and I will pm you the download link ASAP.



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Thank you corsa59 for your update response.

Whatever bit of logs and information you can provide Marcos and Aryeh will be highly beneficial to working out bugs or faulty code, even compatibility issues with other programs.

Thank you for reproducing any issues in attempt to find root cause.

With a bulk quantity of workstations under your wing, although i don't discourage the use of ESS, you may see a drop in compatibility issues, and can visit reinstalling ESS when you isolate the cause or conflicting driver.

Nod32 actually has part of ESET's driver firewall built in to assist with web protection and email protection.

Heavy users and downloaders with files and emails should still receive ESS in my opinion.


Good luck corsa, thanks for sharing with your project.

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When I got the latest freezing PC, it wouldn't start, it got to the desktop, and the little circle came up whenever hovering over the start button. I left it for 30 minutes just to make sure it wasn't just a update taking a long time. It wasn't, it never progressed beyond that point.


I restarted the PC in safe mode, I configured Windows to do a memory dump when crashed, and I restarted the PC.


Well wouldn't you know it, this time it started and didn't freeze. It did pause for about 30 seconds, and then it worked fine. So I restarted it again, and again, and again, and no freeze. I turned it off left it for 30 minutes, try again, still no freeze. I did NOTHING except alter the memory dump settings.


Frustrated, I now had a PC that showed signs of the symptoms, but when I wanted to, it would not reproduce the fault.


I can't hang on to a client's PC for ever, so I uninstalled ESS completely, restarted the PC, installed NOD32, set Mbam on delayed start (120 seconds), and set exclusions for both pieces of software on each other. Restarted the PC 5+ times, no issue.


I know you are thinking, hey, he didn't mention Mbam before. True!  But this is the first PC that had the PRO version of Mbam installed. I have seen other forums discussing Eset and Mbam clashing, and had considered this before writing here, but it wasn't an issue till this PC.


It is still working, and I am waiting for the client to advise me if it continues to work.


If I get another PC with the same problem, I WILL do a memory dump assuming it lets me.


Thanks again....

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Edit: [i have had it 1 single time now.]


True there is a history with mbam, but it usually is ok or fixes itself. I use mbam pro.
Ive never had the start up issue with mbam eset. So i imagine the select few have some issue going on somewhere...

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hi i have same problem

sometimes when startup scan run if i have and file in exclusion files that run on win start up win crashed by BSOD(BLUE SCREEN) and if this not happen eset delete my file and delete from startup windows list by quarantine

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hi i have same problem

sometimes when startup scan run if i have and file in exclusion files that run on win start up win crashed by BSOD(BLUE SCREEN) and if this not happen eset delete my file and delete from startup windows list by quarantine


Scans cannot cause BSOD as they are run in the user space, not in the kernel space. Please convey a memory dump generated upon BSOD to Customer care for analysis.

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Gee lets see, this post originated almost 2 years ago. And you come onboard 2 days ago.


You claim to be using V6.0. The current version is 8.0.319.0 (with 9 right around the corner). Why haven't you updated your version to see if it helps your situation?


It is easy to make claims which include "a lot" of users. Well I am a user for many years and I have not had any issues at all. I am not part of your "count".


Should you want to have an adult discussion, then post. Many questions have been answered in the years I've been on this forum.


Best wishes.

Hi Tom:


Sorry , I lost my temper as recently i deployed Eset endpoint 6.2.2021.0 via era , i did check both era and endpoint are latest version, but some of the client computer freeze randomly, i try to contact ESET support , but never  get any feedback .



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Hello flycloud. We've all been there, I understand. We all try to help each other. So if you're getting a dead end thru proper channels, don't hesitate to come here. Maybe I can't solve your issues but we can find someone who can.



Take care my friend! 

Thank you , Tom .

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