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easy to break game limits

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I catch my son, he can EASY break the game limits:

he just uninstall the game, and install it back.

Unfortunately, by default in ESET all "NEW" applications are "good", and they are not consequently controlled .


So, the question - what to do???


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so, when?

isn't this a big bug?

One month already when I know about this. How long it is already considered as a well-known "feature"...

I am a bit disappointed.

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There are issues that can be fixed easily and then there are those that require a change of design or substantial changes under the hood. While the first type of issues / bugs can be fixed quickly, the other type of issues may take weeks or months to implement. Also it's necessary take into account time needed for QA tests as well as other resources. Even Microsoft doesn't release changes immediately but aggregates them into service packs and Windows updates that are released twice a year.

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Do not copy the worst from Microsoft. Copy the best from Microsoft.

And actually you are manipulating. You have never seen minor updates from MS that may come daily?

And for "Parent control" software, the issue that is now under discussion (man, a kid can just disable the function of game control, funny!!) - IS a critical bug.

Ok, whatever... 

I am happy I have NOT bought this software.

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