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(WIndows 10) NOD-32 install/uninstall fails (retail box)

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I am trying to install a new version of NOD-32 Antivirus for Windows from a CD (ESET Multi-Device Security). THere is already an older version of NOD-32 running, and

  1. I have updated the license key, and notification of the update is in my email
  2. I find I can't update from ver 9 to 10 within the existing application, even though that option is offered to me. This proceeds from a download, which is then "interrupted". I would have expected to have been offered an option to install from CD.
  3. I can't uninstall the old version (not even as administrator), because that leads to an error "ESET NOD32 Antivirus Setup Wizard ended prematurely". Going to the knowledge base does not lead me to anywhere that mentions errors in uninstalling.
  4. The software still tells me that I need to enter my license key, even though I already did that.

So, my situation is: what happens when I want to install NOD-32 in place of an older copy of NOD-32? My impression from what I have read is that I need to un-install the old version, but that does not seem to be available to me. What now?


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That would be good to remember for next time. I didn't notice a grey-colored button for license renewal within the application. It seemed that every time I wanted to renew, I was sent to a web page, which caused all the confustion. Clicked the wrong button. Also, the update server was reportedly down, and it came back up again today. I was then able to do installs on all of my computers.

Thanks for your help.

Paul King

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