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How to locate a found Threat (EMail Filter)

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how can i find out the sender of an infected email? in era i can only see the computer and the threat type.

Example vom ERA

/Telex Applicaton.zip
Email filter - Outlook
I just want to find out if it is a email which has been in the inbox before eset installation or if it is a email which was received today. (cant find it in exchange and cant find it in our cloud service tool which scans mails before they come to our exchange server).
is it possible to see more informations about the found threat and its way to the inbox?
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  • ESET Staff

Hello, as of now, this is not possible. We are however tracking a backlog improvement request, to adjust this information. I am going to check its status with developers, and will come back to you with the statement, how does it look from our timeline perspective.

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