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For the first time ever in all the years I've been using Firefox as a browser, I received a msg (attached) that there was a problem. I refuse to use Explorer and I don't like Chrome, plus after so many years of use, I have Firefox configured with quick links and add-ons that I use regularly - it's familiar and comfortable. I rarely get pop-ups from ESET alerting to URLs that are dangerous for one reason or another; but when I do, I immediately back out. This is the first time I've ever gotten a notification about Firefox. I love ESET .. I've had it loaded on this laptop since I got it almost seven years ago. I've yet to have an issue that required a loss of down time due to my having to clean off some piece of garbage I (or my anti-virus program) inadvertently let in - not so back when I was using a suite of freeware for the purpose of protection. I "allowed" Firefox to load because I have a ton of work to do and didn't have time to deal with it; and I was pretty sure this was a minor issue. Am I wrong?

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