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Listing WAN MAC as Device

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Hey guys,

So I wanted to see if anyone else sees this or may have an explanation for this. I just reset my router a few days ago and all my devices are showing in the Home Network Protection area. I did notice a new device though today. The router was reset 3 days ago and this new device shows as connecting 2 days ago. I didn't recognize it until I logged into my router to do some research. The device credentials are that of my WAN MAC. 

Im just curious why my WAN MAC was detected as a device in ESET. I'm not worried about it because No Threats were found when I scanned the router. I just am  not sure why it's detecting my WAN MAC as a separate device when it is basically my router. 

Any advice would be helpful.

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One possible explanation. I assume this could be also automatically done by the router via ISP configured setting.

Some ISPs require that you clone (copy) the MAC address of your computer's network card into the Router. If you are not sure then simply clone the MAC address of the computer that was originally connected to the modem before installing the Router. Cloning your MAC address will not cause any problems with your network. More Info

Ref.: http://www.belkin.com/pyramid/AdvancedInfo/F5D6231uk/Interfaces/F5D6231Ver1/wan_mac.html

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