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Translation problem French


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Hello, just to say, after many tests...

That the translation is incorrect in the balloon info !

You translated "allowed"(authorized) and "unallowed"(unauthorized)  with the same words = L'opération "n'a pas été autorisée"

Allowed(authorized) = "est autorisée" or "a été autorisée"

Unallowed(unauthorized) = "n'est pas autorisée" or "n'a pas été autorisée"

So, all information we get in the balloons are always with the same message, even if it is allowed or not !


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I talked some months ago about that kind of message who was not clear, because they announced all the time that was not allowed... But the information was created in regedit ! So something unlogical !

But that appear only, i think, in french !

So its easy for you to check the translation inside the code between operation allowed and unallowed, if the translation is the same or if it is different !

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