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Agent/Software installed icons disappeared after deleting Static group


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I created a static group with a few workstations I was deploying to. Deployment went fine and when it was done I deleted the Static group (with the computers still in it, un-selecting the deactivate option). I then ran Static Group Sync so that the workstations re-appeared in their original OU folders. However, when they reappear, they no longer show the little Agent and Desktop icons that indicate the software is installed. The agents are still communicating with the server fine it's just those little icons which are quite helpful have disappeared. If I filter out the list of computers to show only ones with the Agent installed, the ones missing the icon do not show.

I can reproduce this problem. Just by deleting a static group with workstations still in it this happens. How do I fix?

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  • ESET Staff

In case you are using ERA 6.5 it is known limitation. It is caused by the fact that you actually removed computer (when you removed it's parent static group) which resulted in removal of logs for this client. It should recover itself in no more than 24 hours.

Please confirm whether waiting for mentioned time helped.

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