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Block all websites but Youtube and MSN is not working


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NOD32 Version 10. latest.  Setup rules in URL address management.  

List of blocked addresses =  * 

List of allowed addresses =  youtube.com    msn.com   and https://msn.com   and https://youtube.com 

The bock is working but when end users try and access youtube.com via CHROME i see "Secure Connection failed" but most of the site is view-able  as this message is only at top middle. 

If you try and play a video it just tries to load but nothing. If I take block off then works.  

When trying to go to MSN i just get "This page is not available right now". 

I was able to test this in my own VM environment as well and does the same. 

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I met a similar situation last month. When I want to watch a French movie, YouTube said that" This video is not available in your country". So I search in Google, find this guide:

and this one: hxxp://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/video-is-not-available.html

Finally, this problem get solved.

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