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collection of malware samples

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collection of malware samples  https://github.com/fabrimagic72/malware-samples

ATTENTION: This repository contains actual malware, do not execute any of these files on your pc unless you know exactly what you are doing.

All of the malware samples contained in this repository has been collected by several honeypots installed on different locations all over the world. This is the result of a distributed honeypot project i am developing with the help of all of those who want to collaborate. Malware with a generic name such as MD5 value or smbxxx.tmp were not detected as malware by virustotal at the moment of the upload, but this does not mean it's not malware. please feel free to download, analyze and reverse all the samples in this repository but please let me know the results of your investigation. All 7z and zip files are password protected and the password is "infected" (without quotes).

there is also a readme in the repository  that has this info

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