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Nod32 causes complete Freeze with fresh Win10-installation - major bug

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What I have observed on Win 10 is that WD will load at boot time if Limited Periodic scanning is enabled for it. So that option has to be disabled to avoid the WD engine from loading.

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2 hours ago, nimBuS65 said:

Say all , hxxp://support.eset.de/alert6477/ same probleme since 14 days still no fix 

The solution is to disable Windows Defender. The rule has always been not to have two or more real-time protections running at a time which happens when ESET installs; it takes some time for Defender to disable after our real-time protection activates which causes deadlocks under specific circumstances and file operations then take minutes to complete.

The plan is to release a hotfix for Endpoint 6.5 next week. As for home users, it will take longer since changes needed to prevent clashes with Defender are not trivial.

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On 17-6-2017 at 8:37 AM, Marcos said:

The solution is to disable Windows Defender.

Sure , but the registry method apperantly doesnt work anymore in the creators update..  ( key does not exist on systems that have build 1703 out of the box ) 


Got the freeze issues again ; now on a fresh build 1703 with a nod32 install on it... 

Aborted the initial scan before it could start but one reboot later the system is #beep!#

REALLY needs to be fixed asap... 

Kind of a nightmare haveing tons of customer machines in need of nod32 and not be sure if it will deploy in the right way.. 

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Just got of the phone with my local eset office.


"we are aware of the issue but last night we updated the offline installer , that should work.. " 


Just installed that one ( ) onto a fresh 1703 install  , didn't want to reboot after installing it , forced a reboot.

Agreed , the system is not stuck but now nod32 has the "waiting to register with windows security center" message on the home screen... 


Update :  needed another reboot to get clear of that message..   so far so good.. 

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22 minutes ago, Thomas01 said:

They only updated the offline installer? What if I use the normal installer?


That is the weird thing here... 

I got the freeze while using the online installer... 

So far it seems that only the offline one is capable of keeping the install working fine.. 

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