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Question about ignored lists

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I readed the help of ESET Mail Security 6.4 and also the information of this page: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb5956/?viewlocale=en_US

But i still don't understand what is that ignored lists do.

It's clear that "approved" is a whitelist, while "blocked" is a black list, but "ignored"? If a filter would ignore something, that normally means it's whitelisted, but look at the explanation from the link above:

" Add a domain name, email address or IP address to the Ignored lists to continue to scan all communications for spam except for those specific lists selected to ignore. This feature is designed to protect you from spoofed emails that take advantage of your familiarity with a certain email address. "

It's me, or that's totally unclear?

Any help is welcomed. Thanks.


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  • ESET Staff


you can use Ignored lists to exclude some (irrelevant) information from classification.

This is useful in more cases, e.g.:

  • False positive - If you receive email from some provider that got to cloud blacklist, all email from this provider will be marked as spam. You can add IP/domain to ignored list to ignore this piece of information but still evaluate antispam.
  • Exclude IP addresses of servers that are part of your infrastructure. IP address of your server may become whitelisted causing all mail coming from this server marked as ham.

* we will fix the KB article

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Thanks, so if i understood this correctly, the ignored lists will only cause the status of external blacklists to be ignored, but the antivirus will still check the message locally for spam. This includes blacklists like spamhaus, or just the ESET cloud blacklists?

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