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ESET NOTICE of Untrusted Certificate

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I am tired of getting this ridiculous notice. This is your job, not mine. I pay you to take care of this. Why the hell do you have a problem with Google Inc, anyway? What's wrong with your softwear? You are interrupting my work and my music!! You must stop it.
ESET  NOTICE of Untrusted Certificate

An application on this computer (Google Chrome) is trying to communicate over a channel encrypted with an untrusted certificate.  The contact server is www.googleapis.com The company is Google Inc.

Block the communication?
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There must have been a problem verifying the certificate if this warning was shown. For instance, Microsoft would send an expired certificate used to sign OCSP response earlier today.

I've tried to reproduce the issue with www.googleapis.com to no avail. Are you still getting the warning despite having the system time and date set correctly? Check the About window and confirm that you have version 1010 of the Cryptographic protocol support module installed.

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