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Unable to get license key for android

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I recently got my first smartphone. I have the free ESET antivirus on it, and yesterday I paid through Google Play for the premium version. I did not receive the license key. The confirmation email from google has a clickable link to "contact ESET." But that merely took me to the google page. This morning, after a lot of hassle, I finally found a way to request a call back from google play. They did agree to process a refund.

Then...after that phone call, I received a "no-reply" email from ESET, saying "Thank you for purchasing the full version of ESET Mobile Security for Android. This ESET license is automatically synchronized with all devices (mobiles phones and tablets) associated with your Google Play account."

BUT...it isn't! The ESET mobile security on my phone is still the free version, not the full version. This email came within minutes after completing the conversation with Google Play, so they could not have known about the refund request at that time. I don't need this kind of hassle. And this was the first and last time I will purchase ANYTHING from Google Play! 

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I see that your license was active on May 27 but was cancelled by Google on May 28 most likely because you requested refund.

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