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windows 10 hangs after deploying Agent version 6.5


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We're migrating to ESET Endpoint Antivirus from Kaspersky, when I deployed agent on a few machines a week ago, some of them are unusably slow, hang, problem seems to persist after AV uninstallation (leaving only Agent), in one case problem still exists after agent uninstallation, the symptoms are similar to WFP bug in windows 7, but it happens on Windows 10 (x64) machines


  • programs freeze
  • programs taking much time to launch (IF launching), suddenly launching en masse (or not) after a period of time after multiple attempts to launch, like something unlocks
  • cpu and I/O (hdd light blinking occasionally, like in idle) load is low, system doesn't seem to be under load
  • 7zip hangs when unpacking anything, like it goes to 99% and then slows down to B/s
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Agent does not contain a driver that would hook the file system and affect 7z when unpacking files for instance. If possible, configure the system to generate complete memory dumps and generate one as per the instructions at http://support.eset.com/kb380. When done, compress the dump, upload it to a safe location and pm me a download link.

In the mean time, collect logs with ELC as per the instructions linked in my signature and provide me with the generated zip file for perusal.

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it turned out to be Windows Defender related problem, it made computer unusable in this case, it went away when i manually disabled windows defender, but we're having multiple reports of unresponsive machines after deploying EEA, raging from 32bit windows 7 to 64bit windows 10

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