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Why cant ERA agents report the public IP

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This is a major nuisance as a MSP when it comes to playing detective and figuring out which machines need to be offboarded. The major problem comes when we offboard a client that does not have a domain or that is working remotely. Eventually I audit the entire list of machines and cross-reference our current clients and then I try to figure out the remaining hostnames we have no reference for.

In a perfect world, everyone would do the right thing and install agents into groups every time but we all know how IT is. Also we try to leverage auto-deployment stuff that is unattended as possible that will dump them into a general pool.

ESET v5 console had this and I am astounded that ESET v6 does not.

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In ERA 6.5 a new column in computers table is added, which is called "remote host", which should include the public IP of the computer. This is disabled by default ( Column contains reverse DNS lookup or remote IP.). NOTE: The logic behind is similar as in case of ERA V5.



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