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Mail Security Quarantine Report

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I have my mail quarantine running as a quarantine mailbox and it is working fine.  I am wanting to send a daily report to users so have set up a 'send mail quarantine reports' scheduled task but when the report runs instead of sending out a report I am seeing 'Quarantine report - failed to get quarantine items' errors logged.  Grateful for any pointers on how to resolve.  Thanks.

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4 minutes ago, filips said:


quarantine reports are supported only when using local quarantine

Ah!  Thanks.  In that case do you have any guidance on how to best make users aware of what is in the quarantine when running a quarantine mailbox or is the recommended way forward to move to a local quarantine?

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  • ESET Staff

We don't have any feature to notify users when using quarantine mailbox.

Each quarantine type has some pros and cons - you must decide which one suits you best, e.g.

Local quarantine gives us more control so it has some nice features like:
- users can manage their spam using:
    - mail reports
    - web interface
- spam emails do not enter Exchange infrastructure

Disadvantage is that if you have more transport servers then you will have more quarantines to manage

more info here http://help.eset.com/emsx/6.5/en-US/index.html?idh_config_mailserver_quarantine.htm

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