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Dynamic template to list clients with no ESET software installed

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Hi, I'm trying to create a dynamic template that I can use to list all computers that have no ESET software yet installed.  I'd also like to then narrow this down to computers that have the agent but no security software, but that's secondary.

I've tried various combinations of AND, NAND and NOR operations with various combinations of modifiers against the "Installed software . Application name" item, but I either get no matches or incorrect matches.

Can someone give a rundown of how this should work?


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I did it by splitting it to 2 dynamic groups :

  1. Dynamic group filter my os (is it windows 7, server)
  2. Check's is there any eset antyvirus - if not...then launch task : install product

Of course I have linked other dynamic groups for os filter dynamic group such as :

  1. old agent (then task with upgrade)
  2. old av (then task with upgrade)

Check this out




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  • ESET Staff

For the first use-case = no ESET, it willl not work, as DG confitions are evaluated by agent, on the local computer. You can also use filters in the "Computers" section, to filter "unmanaged" clients. For Endpoints, the example above should work for example. Some are also in the documentation.

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