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network protection fails after update

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I have 2 out of 3 PC getting the network protection fail issue after regular update.

While I could fix it by changing to pre-release updates, it worries me as I often leave those PC on 24/7 and often unattended.

All 3 PC have the identical version installed 10.1.204 with one installed in Chinese Language. 

Both English Version and Chinese Version had similar non-firewall issue, but it's worst on PC with Chinese version.

English Version has network protection failed.

Chinese Version has Web Access Protection/Anti-Phishing protection in addition to the network protection.

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If you run the following command as an administrator, does it say that the service is running?
sc query mpssvc

If not, refer to the following web page for instructions how to get it up and running: http://www.wintips.org/windows-firewall-service-missing-in-windows-7-solved/

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