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False positive anti-theft warning

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There is an exclamation mark on Eset logo on the tray all the time which means there is some warning.
Once I click on it I open Eset Smart Security panel I can read a warning saying Eset Anti-theft needs to be optimized. However if I click on the details and open my anti-theft account then I can see that my device is fully optimized, I have 5 stars (that means that my device is already optimized.)
I'm unable to get rid of that false positive warning. (I have tried to restart my computer, also removed and re-added my device to my anti-theft account, but none of these steps helped.)
I attache some screenshots. The language is Hungarian but you will see the warning on the Smart Security panel and the 5 stars on my anti-theft account.

Any ideas?




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Thank you, I was able to solve it in the meanwhile. (Uninstall ESET, delete Anti-Theft account, reinstall ESET, create Anti-Theft account again).
Cheers :)

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