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Agent can't connect to ERA

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Hi there.

I'm new user of ERA. Yesterday i install ERA on server, make a client with configured agent inside to install on my workstation's. And there is a problem.

I'm adding the workstation to era i see it on the list but didn't see nothing more IP / What version ov ESET is installed on workstation itp.

In log at workstation agent telling me: 

2017-05-17 08:37:38 Error: CReplicationModule [Thread a74]: CReplicationManager: Replication (network) connection to 'host: "" port: 49156' failed with: Connection closed by remote peer for session id 261 is my server ip (webconsole also work on this ip and database sql) 49156 is dynamic port from sql server configuration manager.

Firewall is off at the workstation and server.

What may be wrong ?

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On Windows XP, there was an issue..when You had windows firewall disabled, then noone could ping You...or do some RPC ...Just sayin....

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  • ESET Staff

Not sure I understand it correctly, but AGENT should be connectin to port 2222 operated by ERA Server service, not to SQL Server. Could you verify you are actually using correct port? Listening port for ERA Agent may be configured in "Server settings" and by default it is 2222.

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