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Agent Installation Deployment on Windows 7 Pro

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We have ESET ERA and have configured central administration on about 20 workstations.

One of our workstation has already installed ESET Enpoint Antivirus but our ERA cannot connect with it . ERA says last connected status about a month ago and this machine is 24/7 power on, on the same network.

We tried to re-deploy an agent but could not connect to the workstation error occured.

Also remote scanning and all other ERA functions are not working on the specific workstation.

On the workstation's side , ESET is looking to function as expected.


How can we resolve this issue?

Thank you,


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I get this quite often, all the time. The easiest and quickest fix I found, was to uninstall the agent with a special uninstaller (don't want to mention here :)) and then install it again running the script.

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