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I'm using ESET Smart Security on a freshly installed Windows 10 machine. Product version

5 user license is good until 2018.

According to the Windows Task Manager the task "ESET Service" is using 13,958.4 MB of memory at the moment (the machine has 32 GB) and that

number has been creeping up slowly since I booted.

I've been having crashes all day, probably because ESET is starving everything else for memory.


What's going on here?

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Are you able to reproduce it every time after a reboot? On my machine, v10 ekrn takes about  MB of RAM and egui of RAM.

Do you do something specific, e.g. run an on-demand scan of the disk when the memory usage by ekrn goes up?

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It did happen after reboots. The system crashed several times in a row due to memory loss before I figured out that it was ESET and uninstalled it.  I used the default settings as far as I can remember.

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