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Clients cant Re-Connect to new ERA after Server crash and reload

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We replaced our network AV at the end of last year with Eset and deployed ERA 6.5. ERA deployed the agents to successfully remove and replace Symantec EP without any problems.

The server crashed and was rebuilt and ERA 6.5 was reloaded.

My problem is that when i try to reconnect to the computers on my network, they don't seem to trust the newly installed ERA  and give me all sorts of errors 

Agent deployment could not connect to the target computer

Windows network remote deployment failed because CONNECTION CAN NOT BE ESTABLISHED to the target WINDOWS machine.

Verify that:
1. 'junaid.shark .local' is responding to 'ping'.
2. Firewall is not blocking communication and file sharing between server and the target machine.
etc etc

is there a way to reintroduce the managed computers to the newly configured ERA server without walking to every machine ? as the ERA has allowed new PC to connect to it. its just the ones connected to the old ERA server that cant connect.






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Since you probably don't have the CA certificate backed up, you'll need to re-deploy agent while using the current CA and agent certificates.

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Thanks Marcos, I am getting the error messages when i try to re-deploy the agent from the new ERA server

i assumed that the agents on the clients would have recognised that they were connecting back to an ERA server

or allow themselves to be replaced with new ones 



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