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Eset keeps reporting that my TV is attacking my computer

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I've got a smart TV Panasonic TX48CX400 and every time I connect it to the internet ESET pops up to warn me that there is a potential hacker on my network.

I got this TV from Argos ex- catalogue and it does have a slight defect where the screen sometimes glitches when it's first been turned on.

I'm just wondering though why is my computer also seeing the TV as attempting to hack my network.  I've traced the IP back to the device it's coming from and it's always the TVs IP address, I turned the network function off the TV for now and it seems to have stopped reporting the hack.

I can only presume this is some kind of false report?  Has anyone else had the same thing, the TV is a Panasonic TV although apparently it's made by some company called Vestel.

I'm just wondering whether the glitches and the hacking are connected in some way (like maybe because it's ex-catalogue someone has installed dodgy firmware or something 'cos the firmware revision on Panasonic's site is lower than the one on the TV)

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Please post a screen shot of the alert that you're getting from ESET as it's not clear what detection or alert you mean.

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