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Install ESET Transport agents

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Have four Exchange 2010 servers, running on Windows 2008R2.  Three installs went fine; number 4 is weird.  There are no transport agents installed (EMS, "get-transportagent" doesn't show "ESET Filtering Agent" or "ESET Filtering AV Agent."   This server is a hub transport/client access/Mailbox server; of the other three in our org, one is similarly configured, and the transport agents are there. 

How do we add these?  In other AV/AS solutions, we've been given better troubleshooting info; ESET support online just gives a set of instructions on how to install (which we followed), not anything like troubleshooting info when something goes wrong.  I've opened a case, and they say they'll get abck to me in a day.  !!!!!

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do you see any errors in logs? Check both EMSX logs and Application event log.

You can also try installing XmonAgent manually using EMS Install-TransportAgent
TransportAgentFactory: XmonAgent.XmonSmtpAgentFactory
Name: ESET Filtering Agent
AssemblyPath: C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Mail Security\XmonAgent.dll

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