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Appliance Not Joining the Domain

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The latest Vmware appliance not being able to join the domain after you set it up. I've deployed the era_appliance.ova 4 times now, each time keeping track of how what I put in to allow this appliance onto my domain. Ive followed the directions and haven't been able to come up with anything.

The appliance never shows up in AD, so I know it isnt getting onto the domain, the account I use is a domain admin, and I made sure the pass was correct.

Obviously I have searched the forums for anything relevant, but am surprised to find out that something so epic as troubleshooting documentation about not being able to get this thing onto the domain doesn't really jump out at you when you put in phrases like - CANT GET THIS THING ONTO THE DOMAIN.

Ive put in every string of words I thought of to come up with anything, and tbh I could totally be missing it, because its labeled in some esoteric, or should I say ESETERIC formula.

Any one else have this issue starting out? Is it a simple mistake I'm making?


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Sorry, I let this fall short all. So I went back to basics, the confinstall....I call things that do those 2 at the same time, what I did was make sure the IP was reserved within DNS, reserving the IP seemed to fix the issue of the appliance not being able to join the domain.


Other than that - I didn't do anything else.

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