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Agent deployment and logging need more work

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I just installed the ERA 6.5 Virtual Appliance hoping management would be easier compared to my ERA 6.4 installed on Windows.

Well, from a first VA installation, I could install agent 6.5 on a remote machine (Win7 Pro) so the target computer is setup correctly (no blocking firewall or anything).
Now comes the weird part...

For different reasons, I installed again the VA from scratch. I now tried to deploy the 6.5 agent to the same target as before. Here is what happened and some hints to improve ERA:

The task fails because of "one of 12 potential problems". Excuse me but if the code fails, it should know which action failed *exactly* and it should tell me which problem it is *exactly* instead of giving me 12 potential problems. As an example, it says "check the server can ping the target" but can't ERA do the ping and tell me if it succeeds or not?
Well, the purpose to install a VA and an administration backend is to make my work easier. ;-)

Then, 30 minutes later, the same task just succeeded without submitting it again. Why that? Does ERA do several attempts? If so, it should have tell me "failed once, will try again N times".

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