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Install ESET Endpoint Antivirus


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Hello. I have ESET Remote Administration Server. 
I want to deploy agent and then endpoint antivirus to client computers.
I have no internet on client computers. How to properly deploy agent and endpoint antivirus and set update on clients that they take update files from ESET server.

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  • ESET Staff

Hi Emil,

If you have your computers in domain, the best option for deployment would be to:

- either use the GPO / SCCM deployment menthod

- or create the all in one installer of Endpoint / Agent (with offline file inserted) and use the standalone deployment tool to push those in the network.

Concerning the update distribution, if the ERA has internet, then you can install the HTTP Proxy, to tunnel the update / other ESET traffic via this server (it will block all other internet connections, except this proxy). If there is no option of using the proxy, then I would recommend to either use a mirror created from one of the Endpoint clients, or use the standalone mirror tool, to distribute the updates.


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