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Eset's SSL protocol scanning is an "all or none" setup for certificate validations as far as I am aware of.

You either exclude a specific certificate from being scanned or you disable SSL protocol scanning entirely.

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I've been disabled SSL protocol scanning settings. Nothing changed. ESS still connects to OCSP servers when I use the browser.

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I guess for starters, you need to specify the IP addresses you are referring to when you state Eset is connecting to its "OCSP servers."

According to this Eset Knowledgebase article: http://support.eset.com/kb332/ , only the following IPv4 IP addresses are used for:

SSL Certificate check


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Please do the following:

- enable SSL/TLS filtering
- start logging with Procmon and Wireshark
- disable SSL/TLS filtering
- make ESS connect to an OCSP server
- stop logging
- compress both logs, upload them to a safe location and pm me download links.

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