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differences between v5 & v6

sanjay mehta

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interested to know specifically what are the key benefits of migrating from v5 era to v6. tried searching the site, but could not find any document.

would like to know what are the key differences technology wise, and how & what all benefits ensues by migration from v5 to v6.

can anybody help ? get this question very frequently.

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As far as I tested v6 up until now, I can see that management is better (I'm not speaking about web management interface). Even from ERA itself and from client perspective. Firewall policy inheritance is something that v5 does not have. Firewall in v6 can specify services in rules. Command execution is also only v6 feature. 

I still don't like how they handle updates, because in v5 updates came from ERA to client. Now they go through apache proxy service, directly to ESET update servers. However I'm starting to see this is not something that bad. I have many policies in v5 and I have to update offline profile for each policy. In v6  there is option that allows client to connect directly to ESET update servers when it can't connect via proxy which is great in case of clients that move away from my network.

Also, getting used to v6 web interface is taking some time, but they are improving it with each minor/major release. They advertise better protection against ransomware. However I'm not sure is it built in protection or just utilizes HIPS rules. This is something that will drive us away from v5. Currently we wait for v7 since they promised full x64 platform on client side.

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Ransomware protection is part of HIPS and is planned for Endpoint v7. The problem with the current implementation in the home version is that it asks the user for an action if a suspicious behavior is detected, however, in corporate environment decisions must be done automatically and accurately.

One of the biggest advantages are dynamic groups. Membership in dynamic groups is evaluated by ERA agent on workstations so even with no visibility of ERAS different policies can be applied to Endpoint based on various dynamic group conditions. E.g. it's now possible to automatically disconnect a computer from network if an active threat has been detected, run a full disk scan and connect it back to network only after the threat has been cleaned.

Last but no least, it's important to keep in mind that only the latest versions of ESET's products provide maximum protection against newly emerging threats and that they cannot be managed by ERA v5.


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