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Hi All,

Does anybody know away of doing the following. 

After the recent Webroot incident https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/04/25/webroot_windows_wipeout/ I want a test group that updates are installed to. Similar to that a lot of people do with WSUS. Ideally updates would have a delay to all other users of 24-48 hours. I understand the risks associated with this and it sort of defeats the point of having a anti-virus. Espically as it is always out of dat for most users. Does anybody know if this is possible?



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Please don't compare ESET to Webroot :) We use dependable techniques to avoid serious false positives on files, especially system files. Also LiveGrid contains information about trusted files that is shared worldwide with users plus we trust signed system files.

Endpoint and server products allow for choosing deferred updates in the advanced update setup but I would never do that given the speed how new malware can disseminate and what damage it can cause.

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