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difference between options on install All-in-one Remote administrator

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Hi all

can you give me a full describe on difference between options on install All-in-one  Remote administrator?

* install remote administrator Server

* install remote administrator proxy

* install/Upgrade Apache HTTP Proxy




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  • ESET Staff

Hello. You can read all of this in the product documentation: http://help.eset.com/era_install/65/en-US/index.html?architecture.htm 

However, simply speaking:

  1. ERA server, installs everything you need to have, to manage your network remotely, using ERA V6. Server consists of the Database Server (SQL Express), Web Server (Tomcat + WebConsole) and ERA Server (component that accepts connections, and processes the data writes / reads to / from the database). 
  2. ERA proxy is a custom built component, intended to be used for load balancing / high availability purpose, and to streamline connections from remote locations. In case your network is small (below 5000 computers) you do not need ERA proxy, unless you want to tunnel all agents connections from multiple locations via proxy.  Also, proxy could be used as a "relay" in case you do not want to have your main ERA server visible from the internet. 
  3. Apache HTTP Proxy is a standard web proxy with cache, based on Apache Proxy, which is configured to tunnel only communication between ESET products and ESET Cloud Services (Uplate Servers, Download Servers, Licensing Servers) and is used to tunnel connection and also cache the downloaded files (updates / installers) to reduce the network traffic. 

Differences between ERA proxy and Apache HTTP Proxy are covered here: http://support.eset.com/kb3639/ 

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