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Threats View - how to hide particular 'Objects'?

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It's very common for ESET to detect/delete threads in the C:\Windows\Temp folder related to PHP temp files on a web server.

I do want ESET to keep handling these (I don't want to create an exclusion), but I don't want to see any C:\Windows\Temp\php* threats in the Remote Administrator dashboard, so that I can focus on more important threats.

Is there a way to filter certain objects out of the Threats view (see attached). The "Add Filter" button doesn't give an option for filtering based on objects.


Also, is there a way to edit the column sizes, this wouldn't be such a problem if I could easily see more of the long file:/// path, then I can just easily ignore the Windows Temp folder ones, but the way it is now I have to mouse-over EACH one to view the rest of the path.  Even if I change the zoom setting in my browser it doesn't make any of the columns show more data it just makes everything smaller.





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Filter negation is not currently possible. You can filter PHP malware for instance but filtering out by PHP in this case is not possible. We'll see if this can be improved in future versions of ERAS.

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