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LiveGrid Endpoint Antivirus 6.5.2094.0


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After upgrading Endpoint Antivirus to version 6.5.2094.0, alot of users are getting a security alert to activate LiveGrid. Most of them on Windows 7 computers without any local admin user rights. To enable LiveGrid admin elevation is required. What are the posibilities to enable LiveGrid silently on all Endpoints without any User interaction?

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You can enable it via a policy as shown below. The ESET LiveGrid reputation system queries ESET's servers for reputation information about files to ensure quick response to new threats, possible false positives and to improve performance by omitting trusted (whitelisted) files from scanning.

We also recommend to leave the submission of samples and statistics enabled which helps us create better detection and improve cleaning of newly emerging threats. Documents are excluded from submission by default. In environments with strict policies where no file is allowed to leave the network, submission of samples and statistics can be disabled without losing benefits provided by the LiveGrid reputation system.


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