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eset mobile ideas 2017

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make for eset mobile 2017  ideas

add strong app locker for all apps and setings  (prevent been bypass by hakers 

make a new network monitor ,on eset mobile unable to see app or full network monitor to see if there is some one connected to your phone hakers or any virus or see port and info ect

make to protect phone (sim  chip ) and phone number) prevent hakers to read any message with hack tools hear or spy call using software  or ect to spy

make to protect network cellullar network  there are company or agency that use fake tower to spy call or ect  prevent fake tower force to conect to the phone to spy or ect

protect phone camara prevent hakers to turn on the camara or spy make camara lock ect

prevent keyloger steal your passsword or information

make banking protection

make a new anti exploit for ect ,for phone that are root and not, memory,cpu,video card ,software,message,remote code,network,camara,wirless,sound ect

make a network shild defent profection ,prevent any network atack or ddos or ect

make a firewall to protect and make your device invisible

make a new vpn secure network

make a new network deny or allow for app conection or ect for better control of the connection of the apps or ect that is running on your phone

make scrips protection for website mobile websites are very vulnerable to virus or any malware is very weak the web protection of the mobile eset improve it

make botnet protection prevent all phone become zombies for calling for network or ect

make https for ect

make better adware detection and pup

protect any sharing feature or ect that use sharing

fix battery drain fast

make network scan and other areas


just helping










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