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HIPS rule block application not working

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Hi all,

I just created HIPS rulte block application but it not working.

Please see attach file.Please help me check.


HIP fail.png

HIP fail 1.png

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  • Administrators

Unfortunately, you didn't post screen shots of the rule details. Please do so as without knowing details, we can't tell if the rule is set up to block the application or not.

As MichalJ noticed in the screen shot, the application is listed as the source application. That means, the rule would prevent SecureCRT.exe from running other applications. Please follow MichalJ's instructions.

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  • ESET Staff

If you want to block "SecureCRT.exe", it should be placed in the "Targets" column, and the "Sources" column should include the value "All".  Basically, in part "applications" you can choose your application (C:\path\SecureCRT.exe) and in targets will be "Applications".

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