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Install Agent via GPO

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I have this set via GPO to install 6.5 to all machines on my network.

If the machine is a NEW machine, it installs fine (and then kicks off the Application install via dynamic groups).

However - for older machines that may have been sat in the store room and have 6.4 still on them, it does not upgrade the client.

I have tried using the ESET uninstaller on safe mode on these machines, and it uninstalls the agent and the client OK, but doesn't kick off the GPO task upon reboot.

They sit in the Agent console as the attached.

Am i going wrong somewhere? 


I can do this manually and install the agent from the sysvol location on the GPO and then the client does install automatically, but that's not the point of the GPO install i guess.




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In ERA the things a think differently.
>you< have to ask for the logs :D

On the left colum above Admin section.
Go to Reports and Generate them, the ones you need because they are a lot of logs. ;)


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Added more info.
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