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Vulnerability Shield

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Hello hello.


I am just wondering if there is supposed to be any setting/option enabled/disable  anywhere in the advanced setup tree connected to the Vulnerability Shield? 


I don't want to disable it, but since I don't see it mentioned anywhere I am wondering if something went wrong with my installation. 


I think I have looked everywhere but I might have missed it.


Thank you :)

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It's in the IDS setup -> Intrusion detection you can select protocols to be protected against exploits exploiting known vulnerabilities in these protocols.

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Thanks Marcos.


I found it, and I had looked in there before posting my question, but I didn't figure out they were associated with this feature.


I was focused on finding "Vulnerability Shield" or any option mentioning that word but I couldn't find any so that's why I needed to ask.


All checkboxes were checked by default so that's good and I will leave them that way. :)

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