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Cannot install ESET Mail Security

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Hi all, we are running SBS 2008 x64 with ex2007, I have downloaded Version: 6.5.10011.0, when I double click the file nothing happens, I disabled UAC, I have also tried running from a command prompt with "msiexec /a emsx_nt64_enu.msi" and all I get after a few seconds is as the attached screenshot but nothing is installed.

Any ideas?

Thanks all


Microsoft Remote DesktopScreenSnapz001.jpg

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  • Administrators

Please run the msi installer with the parameter "/lvx* install.log" to generate an install log. When done, post the log here (attach the file, do not paste its content).

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  • ESET Staff


Did you check event log for errors?

Please try this:

1. start command prompt as administrator
2. run "msiexec" - this should open installer help - does it work?
3. run "msiexec /i emsx_nt64_ENU.msi /lvx* emsx.log"
4. attach log

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